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Star Trek
So I just got back from seeing J.J. Abrams' take on Star Trek.

The verdict: Good. Go see, regardless of whether you're a trek fan or not. It's a genuinely good movie. There's enough bones tossed to the old hardcore fans, but the new story works well to attract new fans. There's good humor, plenty of action, and a decent plot. I know there's a nerdy stigma surrounding the name "Star Trek", but don't let that stop you from seeing a really good movie. If you don't believe me, look up the reviews for it. 80-90% score out of almost every critic I've seen.

And lastly for the fans out there: Go see this movie. Go watch it again and again so that Paramount knows that they have money on their hands. Breathe life back into Star Trek. Make sure that the mission really is ongoing.

Live long and prosper.

So... I went to the disturbed concert last night. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Managed to get floor tickets and DAMN IT WAS INTENSE. Next time I'm bringing earplugs though... right now the ringing is louder than the typing noises that I'm making.

Daaaaaaamn. OOOOO WA A A A!


A sad day indeed...
I learned that Ricardo Montalban passed away today at the age of 88. Most of you have no idea who he was. Some of you knew him as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island.

I knew him as Khan Noonien Singh.

In memory of this great actor... I leave this.


Rest in peace, Mr. Montalban. Rest in peace.

Cars, money, and life.
It's been a while since I've last posted. No, please, hold your applause. I know I've many fans here on the intarwebs but you'll all have to wait until I'm done before I start signing autographs.

Anyway, down to the meat and potatoes. I'm buying a car. An almost new car. Not right away, but within the year. I'm looking at the Ford Fusion. :) Looks nice, good reviews and decent gas mileage. Also it's called a "fusion". The only hitch is that it's 12-15 thousand dollars. Ugh. Stupid life.

I'm excited though. Up to this point I've just spent my money on frivolous stuff like computer parts so I could have a game rape machine sitting on my desk. Now I'll be buying something useful and more of a standard status symbol than just an e peen on the internet. Let's be honest, no one really cares about how awesome my computer is except for some of my more computery friends and perhaps my father. I dunno. It will be cool to actually have a nice car. Also as soon as I'm ready to buy the fusion I'll be selling my car, which while not "nice" per se, is a solid piece of equipment, at least for the poor starving college student that I know the vast majority of my friends are :) It's a 1998 Plymouth Breeze with about 130K miles on it.

Anyway enough of cars. Christmas is coming! Again! It comes faster every year. Stupid relative experience. I have no idea what i want. Does anyone else ever have that particular problem? I hate answering the question: "What do you want for Christmas?" I never know. There's not really a lot that I can think of right now. My primary interests are computers, gaming, and star trek and I have pretty much all that I want out of those categories. One of the problems of having disposable income... you dispose of it on the things that you want. *pats belly* mostly on stuff you don't need.

Which brings me to another point: I need a workout buddy. I don't care who you are but I want someone to go swimming/running with at forest park in teh mornings. I've tried to motivate myself, but it's harder alone. If someone would like to tag along then I'll feel better. Preferably someone who is more athletic than I am (not saying much) I just need top get rid of this gut of mine. God I sound like a teenage girl. If you volunteer for this duty there will be either cookies, lunch, or booze in it for you. Your choice :).

Holy shit I wrote a lot more than I intended. Damn. Welp... I guess that just leaves the standard "I'm doing fine" and yes, I still work at Boeing. Which is actually going well for a change. Being on schedule is so strange...

Anyways.. I'll try to touch base with you guys more often.. though I don't really know how many of you still check up on the journals that we were all so fond of back in high school. Until next time.

(no subject)
Honda has a road-ready hydrogen fuel cell vehicle being released in limited numbers to Californians. Now maybe that doesn't sound all that interesting to some of you folks, but I think it's CRAZY. An actual zero-emissions vehicle that people will be driving TODAY. That's insane. Of course we still need a cleaner method of seperating hydrogen from water (solar, wind or nuclear energy) because otherwise oil prices will affect hydrogen prices, but it's still INCREDIBLY COOL.

Now there are still problems, for one the technology involved in very expensive, (the cars are being leased for $600 a month for three years, $21,600.00. Ouch!) and Honda is probably still losing money on the deal, but the coold thing is that you used to only see this kind of thing in Popular Science magazine or something similar. The tech is here, right now. These cars are testbeds to see how viable the technology is commercially.

The future is now :)

If only we could get off our collective asses and get out into space to collect some Helium-3 and then start fusing it with Hydrogen. :( Clean energy ftw. Except for heat pollution... that will be interesting to deal with.

(no subject)

I step out of the factory and it's like "OHSHI-" BAM *snowdrift*

So... yeah. Saturday ismy first day off in.. oh... NINETEEN DAYS. 10 hours shifts for most of those, too. Ugh.

And I might have to go in Sunday. Blame it out the stupid fuckers in portland who can't figure out how to ship the parts we need. :(



So.. yeah. Shavonne has my booksed all day saturday but feel free to text me or something if you want to hang sunday. :)


Mandatory 10s and weekends. Somebody done fucked up a spar.

Hopefully I won't work onSunday but with the way things are going probably. Weekends go from noon to 8:30 unless I try to make crazy changes to my schedule. :)

But anyway... yeah. first post in 14 weeks!

I got paid.

I'm all growed up
Well... here it is. I'm living in an apartment, I have a job at freaking Boeing, tomorrow I got in and start training top build the wing sections of 777 airliners.

I remember when I first got this LJ account... I was 16 years old and a sophomore in High school. Things have changed a little bit. Back then my biggest concerns were if I could get that one girl I always wanted and if I'd pass that test on Friday and Oh, yeah, did I do my homework? Probably not.

Now my concerns are will I be able to make this month's rent? Most likely, but what if an emergency comes up? Who knows? I'm self supporting now. Sure I've got a roommate and all, but it's crazy. I'm really an adult. Living on my own, paying for all of my own crap. Tomorrow before I go to Boeing I'll probably be going down to the licensing office to get the car title changed over to me and insuring it all by me onesie.

Growing up isn't as scary as I thought, but it's not as cool as I thought it should be either. I still feel like I'm the same person I was 4 years ago.. sure I've matured a bit, I make more money... But I'm the same guy. Sort of. Some people say that a person completely changes who they are every 7 years. I'm halfway there, I guess. In 3 years, will you know me?

Something to think on.

moving tomorrow
Moving from my house to my new apartment tomorrow... who wants to help? call me :)


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