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Honda has a road-ready hydrogen fuel cell vehicle being released in limited numbers to Californians. Now maybe that doesn't sound all that interesting to some of you folks, but I think it's CRAZY. An actual zero-emissions vehicle that people will be driving TODAY. That's insane. Of course we still need a cleaner method of seperating hydrogen from water (solar, wind or nuclear energy) because otherwise oil prices will affect hydrogen prices, but it's still INCREDIBLY COOL.

Now there are still problems, for one the technology involved in very expensive, (the cars are being leased for $600 a month for three years, $21,600.00. Ouch!) and Honda is probably still losing money on the deal, but the coold thing is that you used to only see this kind of thing in Popular Science magazine or something similar. The tech is here, right now. These cars are testbeds to see how viable the technology is commercially.

The future is now :)

If only we could get off our collective asses and get out into space to collect some Helium-3 and then start fusing it with Hydrogen. :( Clean energy ftw. Except for heat pollution... that will be interesting to deal with.

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